What is 2 + 2 Bio Technology?

TaiDoc patented 2 + 2 (HCT Interference Compensation; 2 enzymes plus 2 signals) technology uses two different wales on the strips to detect HCT value by AC signal and glucose value by DC signal.

Utilizing AC signal to calculate the hematocrit value in order to compensate the correct value from a small volume, fast and accurate test.

Therefore the hematocrit value can compensate the correct glucose value to increase measurement range.

What is Hematocrit(HCT)?

Hematocrit (HCT) is the percentage of the red blood cells in your blood.

Hematocrit (HCT) level varies between individuals, the normal HCT level for

Benefits of the 2 + 2 Bio Technology

The hematocrit may interfere the reading of blood glucose, the higher HCT level will lead to a lower blood glucose result, and the lower HCT level will lead to a higher blood glucose result.

But with Uright exclusive 2+2 Bio Technology is possible to provide glucose reading according to HCT level of the blood sample, therefore it is suitable for neonate, pregnancy and adult who have different HCT level.